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Un nouvel appel CT

I'm looking for new serious and motivated girls
to enlarge my Creative Team

Conditions :
- One page minimum per kit (2 kits per month)
- Have a blog updated
- Have at least one gallery at DST
- Make the CTM and Praise Game
- And have fun !!

Send me an e-mail at this following address :
with this subject : CT CALL
Join it the link of your blog and your galleries

End of the call : Sunday May 15th

All the applications will have an answer

@Shabby Pickle Designs

My blog


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xuxper 03/05/2011 13:42

Mail envoyé hier soir enfin cette nuit...lol

Je suis fan. Maintenant je patiente et on verra bien, en tout cas dans tous les cas continue de nous faire rever avec tes kits fabuleux et tes pages merveilleuses.

Bonne apres midi